On A Cloud Mugs

These cute and unique ceramic mugs are made by Decole Japan. There are four animals on a cloud: a frog, cat, pig and panda. If you’re an animal lover or just want an unique looking set of coffee mugs you’ll have to buy these ones! The special thing about these mugs is the spoon, if you put the spoon into the mug it looks like the animal of choice if floating on a cloud.
So do you want to start your day drinking your favorite liquid from one of these mugs, want to give someone a very unique and cute gift or have something really cool to display in your kitchen? Then buy one of these mugs or the complete set!

Features of these mugs:

-material: ceramic
-mug-size: 3.26’x 4.33’x H3.14′
-spoon-size: 0.86’x 0.78’x H4.4′

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